Mother Sparsh introduced first 98% water based wipes in India-wonderparenting

Mother Sparsh introduced first 98% water based wipes in India

New moms have loads of choices to make when they bring home a newborn baby. They have to choose the feeding equipment, sleeping equipment, the color of a room, wardrobe, toys, baby toiletries, etc. The most difficult choice is baby care products. The skin of babies is so sensitive and prone to the variety of blotches and rashes during the first few months. For maintaining hygiene and cleaning, water based wipes are advised to be the best for babies.

Mother Sparsh introduced first 98% water based wipes in India-wonderparenting

Mother Sparsh introduced the first 98% water based wipes in India. These have been carefully designed to be gentle on babies’ delicate and sensitive skin. Water based wipes are absolutely gentle for newborns.

Uses of Water Based Wipes

The first month is really toughest when mothers get into the post-partum depression (PPD). PPD is real and common for new moms. There is no magical transformation, it takes time to be a mother from a woman. Gut health issues such as colic, jaundice, constipation, and spitting up are common. Other baby care issues are breastfeeding issues, sleep issues, infections, and skin woes.

A newborn baby sleeps, feeds, and poops. This is the basic cycle of a newborn baby. Around 60% of newborn babies suffer from diaper rashes at some time or the other. You need to change the diapers often to avoid nappy rashes and allergies. It can cause serious discomfort which also leads to changed eating habits and sleep patterns. So, to avoid baby blues – Wet wipes are a must-have for new parents!

  • It makes travel easy.
  • Cleans baby’s bottoms conveniently.
  • After giving feed to clean their mouth or any spillover.
  • After crawling or playing, to clean hands or feet.
  • Easy to use.
  • To clean your hands on the go.

Eco-friendly Water Based Wipes

You cannot deny the fact that you need wet wipes often with your baby and even with toddlers. Preservatives and chemicals are everywhere but we can reduce the exposure by using eco-friendly products. Mother Sparsh wet wipes are the first 98% water based wipes and zero polyesters. These are 100% biodegradable wipes, skin-friendly, and organic.

mother sparsh baby wipes-wonderparenting

The company has taken the initiative to take care of baby skin health in a natural way. Mother Sparsh Water Based Wipes are as good as cotton and water. These wipes are non-toxic, highly absorbent, alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, breathable, plant-derived fabric, paraben-free, and clinically proven. These are not the only kind to the baby’s skin but also to the environment.

Flame Test

Mother Sparsh wet wipes also passed the flame test successfully. It was done to see if there are any harmful elements in the wipes. Outcomes are based on the smell and residue.

Many companies use polyester to minimize the manufacturing cost of wipes which are harsh on the sensitive skin of babies. Polyester is synthetically made up of plastic waste.

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Flame Test Mother Sparsh Wet Wipes-wonderparenting

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