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Child Behaviour and Parenting | How parenting affects child behaviour?

Parenting plays an important role in the development of child behaviour. They are the first persons who are accountable for their children’s actions. So, mothers and fathers have the potential to provide their children with a powerful enduring behaviour and put a continuing influence on the reactions and decisions which will shape their children lives.

How parenting affects child behaviour-wonderparenting


The way in which a child is raised has a direct influence on the lifestyle the person will once live. Parents are the only one who passes their religion, culture, moral, and values to their children. A result of good parent’s behaviour will automatically result in a good well-brought-up child at least in most cases because they are the first caregivers. The parent-child relationship is the most expensive relationship. So, children consider their parents as role models in their lives.

The behaviour of a child depends on four styles of parenting, that is, authoritative, neglectful, permissive, and authoritarian. Thereby it’s on parents what kind of parenting style they follow. Their following or choice of parenting style will adversely affect the child behaviour. Hence, there is no rule to go about parenting. But below guide can comprehend your parenting style and provide general vision on how to have a well behaved, responsible and social child.

4 Styles of Parenting

  1. Authoritative Parenting

It is the most widely used style of parenting. And it is used by many parents on their children. These styles of parenting are easy to apply and find, as it is a highly expected parenting style. This is the healthiest style which creates a good relationship between the child and parent.



  • Rules and their benefits are clear and explained.
  • Communication is such which makes the child understand better and fast.
  • The parents are trained and educated enough to raise a happy child.
  • Helpful towards the goals of children.
  • Supports a child’s expectations.

2. Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parents are extremely defined and conservative. Their style of parenting is very strict. They behave like a teacher who just gives the command to their children and they have to follow. Moreover, they expect their children to follow each instruction given by them like a robot. Many of us are following this type of parenting style which actually kills the creativity of child (personal opinion).

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  • Strict rules if unfollowed, punishment is there.
  • Parent-child communication is one way.
  • Parents with this style are less protective.
  • High expectations lead to low flexibility.

3. Permissive Parenting

Permissive parenting is also known as tolerant parenting and can be harmful also. These types of parents are very responsive. Parents are more likely to dance on a child’s tune. The only benefit is that parents are very loving and caring towards their child.

child behaviour-wonderparenting


  • No rule policy, children solve their own problems. 
  • Communication is open.
  • Parents are cordial and warm.
  • Expectations set by children not parents.

4. Neglectful Parenting

It is one of the most pernicious parenting that can be applied to children. Parents do not care about their child and do not respond to their behaviour at all.  These types of parents are easily recognizable.



  • Do not care about child needs. 
  • No safe space for the child.
  • Less understanding between child and parent.
  • No involvement in child’s life inside and outside.

How parenting affects child behaviour?

The above styles of parenting determine our behaviour towards our kids. It is a very highly respective term. Our behaviour as a parent is going to determine the actions of our kids.

Our kids first learn from us than from others. We are the only lifelong teacher of our kids. Parents should understand that they should balance their own emotions in front of the child otherwise that could negatively affect the behaviour of their own child. An ineffective parenting style will lead to indifferent behaviour in a child.

child behaviour-wonderparenting

In the end, I would like to say that you are the only element in your kid’s life. As we all know a strong root always have a strong building. The same way a solid parenting behaviour ensures reliable child behaviour.

You are the startup for your child in every way whether it’s social or non-social, role model of their lives. Their behaviour is developed with observations like how their parents are behaving socially. Children’s friends would definitely depend on the social circle of their parents. Your choices about their schools, classes, friends, and family all depend on you. So choose wisely, act wisely, and of course behave wisely for your kid’s future.

Author’s recommendation for positive child behaviour

  • Parents should choose the authoritative style of parenting. 
  • Parents should spend adequate time with their children.
  • Communicate with kids as much as possible. It can reduce erroneous behaviour.
  • Involvement with kids is must which will reduce the capacity of learning bad behaviour.
  • Never use abusive language in front of the child.
  • Respect people and things around you.
  • Keep eye on children actions to understand the mindset.
  • Always be polite to your children.
  • Try to inculcate healthy habits in them like healthy eating, reading, storytelling, playing sports, painting, sketching, music, dance, etc.


Author: Richa AG | Mommy Blogger | SAHM

Richa AG


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