5 Things to Put In Your Kid’s Valentine’s Day Boxes Instead of Candy

Everything around you screams that Valentine’s Day revolves around candy and chocolate, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Candy doesn’t have to be the focal point of Valentine’s Day, but even if you can’t break the candy habit, you can mix it up with these fun additions to their Valentine’s Day boxes instead of just more chocolates and sweets.

Not only will your kids love them, but there are no calories involved! Check out our list of five things to put in your kid’s Valentine’s Day boxes instead of candy below.


Video game gear

If your kids love video games, why not go all out and buy them something special? It can be anything related to their favorite game. Video game stores usually have a wide variety of clothing and other accessories themed around popular titles.

You could even get creative by buying them a gift card or downloading some extra add-ons for their game. It could be something useful such as Xbox one controller grips. Whether they’re into mobile gaming, PC gaming, or console gaming, there’s sure to be something that fits your budget and suits their tastes.

A book

This can be as simple as grabbing an inexpensive paperback from a bargain bin, or a hardcover that he wanted for himself but won’t get until his birthday. Books are an excellent Valentine’s Day box gift idea.

There are millions of stories and they can teach your child so much about reading and writing in a fun way. Some great options include The Sneetches, Star Wars: Jedi Academy, Harold, and The Purple Crayon, or anything by Dr. Seuss!


Hygiene items 

This is great for kids, who go through so many hand sanitizers and lip balms that they might as well put it to use! Whether they put them in their bags or make gifts for their friends, they’ll find some good use for these hygiene items.

Hair ties and scrunchies are other inexpensive accessories that little girls love and will fit into their Valentine’s Day box. Be creative with these items such as getting them a lip balm in their favorite cartoon characters such as Spider-Man or Batman instead of just a plain tube.

A Favorite Toy

Because kids love collecting toys, putting one in their Valentine’s day boxes is a great idea. When choosing your child’s favorite toy, look for something that will bring them joy—but also be age-appropriate.

For example, if your son just got into basketball, maybe it’s time for him to have his ball! It can also be fun to put together a collection of small trinkets like stickers or funny figurines that represent his favorite cartoon characters or interests.

Some Art Supplies for Valentine’s Day boxes

Valentine’s Day may be all about candy, chocolate, and sweets, but there are tons of other fun things you can put in a kid’s Valentine’s day boxes instead of candy. Arts and crafts can take some pressure off being perfect on Valentine’s day and bring out a new personality in kids that aren’t wrapped up in whether or not they get enough chocolates.

indoor activities for kids

Kids love arts and crafts, so why not let them enjoy their favorite holiday with a crafty twist? Add some coloring pencils, paints, and markers so that they can get in touch with their artistic side. 

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When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day with your kids, you can either give them candy or you can come up with a better alternative. There’s plenty of room for both in your child’s life—don’t feel like you have to eliminate one. Just remember, some alternatives are much healthier than others.

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