Child Health Problems | 10 Common problems you should not ignore

A healthy and happy child is all we need. We do our best to keep our child fit and run after them to give the best nutrition and care. Still, there are times when the child becomes ill. Because as the baby is born, he gets exposed to a new environment which is different from the womb. The parts which get exposed and are more susceptible to disease develop symptoms. For example, the first part exposed is the skin, respiratory system, and, digestive system. We should not ignore the child health problems.

It’s easy when the kid is able to tell the problem he is facing. But the major challenge is when the child is too young to speak and clearly express what he is feeling. For that matter, usually, the mother is the first person to know, her child is not at ease and look for the child health problems.


Any disease or infection produces certain signs and symptoms. To explain in simpler terms, a sign is a term used to visibly see or feel in person like redness, rashes, fever etc. A symptom is subjective and it’s understood only when explained by the sufferer.

Scenario changes when both the parents are working and they face the challenge of keeping everything checked. Sometimes they might just miss out some signs or symptoms in their child which should not be ignored.  They should seek medical help for child health problems. It’s not a matter of panic but just being conscious. So read out and know these child health problems.

10 Common Child Health Problems

1. Diarrhea

In the early days of life, a newborn has frequent stools, they are normal. But after a time, it is reduced to a few times in a day.

Diarrhea is when they have frequent stools, watery in consistency, offensive accompanied by crying due to pain or features of dehydration.

In this condition, the maintenance of hydration is important than any medication. Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) is to be given as per the requirements of an individual child.

2. Not taking feed or not eating properly

There are different causes at different age groups, widely distributed from the common cold to the behavioral problems and other child health problems.

As young as a breastfeeding infant there can be nose blockage from the common cold or can be an extension of cold to bronchitis, pneumonia along with the other features like fever, wheezing, breathing difficulty or rattling of mucus in chest, etc. These child health problems should be carefully handled and taken care of, to avoid the progression of the condition.

Sometimes it is because of teething troubles; the child is cranky, not taking feed properly, so it should not be overlooked.

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3. High fever

There are a number of causes for high fever, from simple viral influenza to a serious illness. Fever 101.3˚F or higher, in children of age group 3 months to 3 years and more than 103˚F or higher, in the above 3 years of age group should be observed and investigated. There might be a possibility of an infection in the body.


4. Excessive crying

Often excessive crying of the child is because he is just not feeling comfortable in the environment, with crowd, temperature or something that is irritating him. Infants cannot express themselves apart from just crying. So we have to assess the cause if it is teething trouble or pain in some part of the body. It is not always the temper tantrum and often impregnated with a cause behind. Assess for the cause of child health problems and try to sooth the baby.

5. Crying before or during urination

Urine infections are common in children and should be attended timely. It can be recognized by a child crying before urinating, redness around the urethra, itching or with or without fever. It needs treatment to prevent further ascending of infection. Also, maintenance of hygiene plays an important role in curing child health problems.

6. Abnormal social interactions

By the age of 3 or more, we find that the child is not able to keep up relations with those around. Not maintain the eye contact; avoiding company can be a matter of concern as it requires to be attended carefully.  It can be a sign of stress, depression, bullying, development of autistic features, etc. These kinds of child health problems should be dealt with the appropriate help like occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc.

7. Itching around buttocks

It is common in children of 5 to 9 years. Itching is generally caused by the worm infestation inhabited in the perianal area. It causes severe itching and can be transmitted to others via bedclothes, beddings, towels, toilets or other objects. Maintenance of personal hygiene, washing hands before eating is a must. Children should be discouraged from activities such as finger-sucking.

8. Stunted Growth

This is to know, but not being apprehensive that your child is not gaining weight or height. Keeping the standard of growth chart in mind, if the child is not according to his respective age and chart in weight and height then it might be a matter of concern. It can be caused by thyroid disorder most commonly, deficiency of nutrients or chronic health condition. Stay calm, consult your pediatrician about these child health problems.

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9. Obesity

Like the under development is a concern, gaining more weight is also a cause for concern. As being over-weight attracts more diseases in adults also in children. It can be because of no physical activity of the child, over- nourishment, hormonal imbalance, underlying disease or can be a reaction to some long-term medication.

10. Itching or rashes on the skin

Rashes can be on a specific part or generally all over the body. Depending on distribution and other symptoms it is diagnosed. Eruptions with itching on the skin of hands, joints and between fingers can be scabies, which is contagious and can infect others. Rashes along with fever and influenza-like symptoms can be chicken pox, measles. Overall can be an allergic manifestation or drug reactions which need to be taken care of.


This article is to give you an insight into the brief signs and symptoms to recognize early and take necessary action. To describe everything in detail with treatment and management is beyond the scope of this article. It will never replace the knowledge of a doctor and for the information purpose.

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Author | Dr. Tanya Aggarwal | Homeopathic Consultant
Dr Tanya


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