Constipation in Toddlers | 10 Baby Foods that help with Constipation

Is your baby’s constipation is distressing you more than affecting your baby? Not to worry as it is a temporary situation and can be handled well. Constipation in toddlers is a very common problem that many toddlers face. It is also very tough for baby to handle such irregular bowels which also carry tears and discomfort with it.

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Constipation in babies is very much common at that stage when you introduce solid foods or else formula feed to your baby’s daily diet plan. Not to worry as it is a temporary situation which can be easily handled with a little change in the baby food along with many simple home remedies too. Always try to keep hygienic food choice and you can also opt to get regular supply at good rates of the market available with Big Basket Coupons today.

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10 Baby Foods that help with Constipation in Toddlers

Babies often suffer from constipation, and mostly baby foods are the primary cause. It is very much essential to have a closer look at the baby’s diet; some alteration in the diet can help your baby to cure constipation. Before knowing the list of foods just avoid foods that cause constipation in babies such as potato, white bread, yogurt, cheese, unripe bananas, and rice.  There are many baby foods that can help you to handle a temporary situation of constipation in babies. They are as below:

  1. Green peas

Green peas puree is considered as the best baby food to deal with constipation problems as it is rich in fiber. It contains a high amount of iron, zinc, vitamins as well as potassium that help to get rid of constipation in toddlers.

2. Prunes

Prunes are fully packed with fiber along with multivitamins and so works wonders to cure constipation in toddlers. You have to soak them overnight and give your babies in the morning. You can also give prune juice to them to get relief from constipation in no time.

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3. Papaya

Papaya is recognized as an old age remedy for constipation in toddlers, and it is the best to feed babies ripe papaya in mashed form. It is the best baby food that helps in digesting complex protein molecules as it is rich in dietary fibers.

4. Beans

Beans are considered as the best foods that help in proper digestion. It contains both soluble as well as insoluble fibers which aid in smooth excretion in babies as one of the natural remedies for constipation

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5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is also one of the common baby foods that help with constipation and is widely preferred food for toddlers too. It is the best food for kids who face regular constipation problem. It offers an adequate amount of fiber which is in the food and also helps out to have a smooth stool.

6. Pears

Pears are also known as the best baby food for proper digestion and to relieve constipation in toddlers. This amazing fruit is fully packed with vitamin C as well as fiber. Babies can also have it in the form of juice to cure constipation in babies.

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7. Broccoli

Sweet potatoes are the superfoods for babies to relieve constipation as it is a rich source of fiber and protein. It is very helpful in easing the excretion process and can be steamed or else can be given as finger food too.

8. Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are considered to be the best food which you should give to your baby as it is one of the non-constipating baby foods. It offers many vital nutrients along with carbohydrates to growing babies and is also very much helpful in relieving constipation in toddlers.

9. Whole grain bread

Instead of white bread, you should give your baby whole grain bread which is best. It contains a good amount of fiber in it and so is considered as the best food babies should eat to prevent constipation.

10. Berries

Berries are known as the great food for babies as well as toddlers as it is fully packed with antioxidants. It not only provides innumerable benefits but also offers relief from constipation. Whether it is blueberries or strawberries, both will help your baby to relieve constipation.

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Along with the above list of foods that help with constipation make sure that your baby should drink enough water throughout the day. Give your baby at least two to four ounces of water both in morning and evening. This amount of water should be in addition to formula milk or breast milk which you will feed them. So, don’t panic, when your baby suffers from constipation. A slight alteration in diet can cure constipation in toddlers in no time.


Have more tips to add to the list of baby foods that help with constipation in toddlers? Please share with us the natural home remedies for constipation in babies and toddlers.

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