10 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Is green tea better than coffee or black tea? Can it help you to lose weight? Is it good for health? Let’s take a look at the possible health benefits of green tea.

Tea is the second most consumed beverage after water. There are many types of tea that are determined by the level of oxidation of tea leaves. Green tea is one of the least processed type of tea as it is made up of unoxidized leaves. Hence there are ample of health benefits of green tea.


Green Tea is native to China but consumed all over the world for its health benefits. It is a type of tea that is made up from the buds and leaves of the Camellia Sinensis bush. It does not undergo much withering and oxidation process as compared to other teas.

It is considered as one of the healthiest beverages loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. You must have heard about the health benefits of green tea such as anti-ageing, weight loss, etc.

People who love coffee are switching due to te health benefits of green tea to limit their caffeine intake on daily basis. They are also loving this herbal shift!

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Let us read the possible health benefits of green tea:


1. Increases Metabolism

Green tea helps in increasing metabolism and thus the weight management. It stimulates fat burning capacity of body when taken half an hour before workout. Weight loss is one of the most common known health benefits of green tea.

2. Increases Immunity

Green tea contains antioxidants that has antibacterial properties. It is beneficial for gut health that in turn increases immunity level in the body.

3. Controls Sugar Level

It helps to control fasting blood sugar levels. Drinking green tea might help to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

4. Supports Heart Health

This multitasking herbal superstar beverage also supports heart health. Green tea controls bad cholesterol – LDL and consequently regulates the blood pressure. It also lowers down other fats called triglycerides. Regular intake of green tea is also believed to lower the risk of stroke.

5. Anti-Aging

According to various researches, the polyphenols present in green tea protects the skin from UV rays. Its anti-inflammatory properties prevents the skin from aging early by defending against the wrinkles.

6. Prevents Cold and Flu

Many people consume green tea to prevent cold and flu. The warm brewed beverage helps to soothe throat and respiratory system. It is one of the best home remedies for congestion relief and stuffy nose.

7. Improves Oral Health

Mouthwash containing green tea extract are used to improve oral health. It curbs bad breath, bad bacteria associated with tooth decay and gum disease.

8. Improves Bone Density

Green tea consumption is linked to improvement in bone mineral density. It is beneficial for women with low bone density in post-menopausal phase.

9. Lowers Down Stress

Consuming green tea improves overall health and thereby reduces the stress hormone. It increases calmness and stimulates the nervous system by increasing the release of chemicals in the brain – neurotransmitters.

10. Healthy Skin

Green tea helps you to keep hydrated and slows down ageing with nourishment of skin. Many people also treat puffy eyes and dark circles with used green tea bags. It is also proven to fight acne, soothes sun burn and fights off skin allergies.


How much Green Tea should one drink in a day?

You must have heard a famous saying – Excess of everything is bad for health! Two to three cups of green tea are sufficient in a day.

Side Effects of Drinking Green Tea

Since green tea has caffeine and if caffeine hits you then you should consume a maximum of one cup daily. Tannin is also present in green tea like in all other types of tea that can decrease the absorption of folic acid and iron. So for pregnant women, it might not be ideal.

As such no side effects are there with regard to consumption of green tea except the caffeine sensitivity. Caffeine sensitivity consequently leads to anxiety, insomnia or nausea. So, moderation is the key.

Best Time to Drink Green Tea

You can drink green tea during mid-morning after your breakfast or in evening after your lunch. There should be a gap of at least two hours before or after a meal. It will maximize the nutrient absorption.

People suffering from anemia should avoid drinking green tea along with food. It can be taken half an hour before workout to burn fat.

When to Avoid Green Tea?

  • Do not drink green tea early morning on an empty stomach.
  • Avoid consuming green tea along with food.
  • Do not drink green tea at night to avoid insomnia.

How to Consume Green Tea if you don’t like it!

Green tea comes in tea bags as well as fresh leaves. It also comes with blended flavors such as ginger, honey, lime, etc. Instant powders and green tea supplements are also available.

First of all, never add milk or sugar in green tea otherwise it will lose all its health benefits.

Secondly, brewing too much should be avoided. Before pouring the tea leaves, let the boiling water cool slightly. Now, allow the tea to steep for 2 to 3 minutes.

Green Tea Detox Water

You can also consume green tea as an infused drink of detox water throughout the day.

  • Cinnamon Green Tea Detox Water (Green Tea + Water + Apple + Cinnamon)
  • Mint Green Tea Detox Water (Green Tea + Water + Mint Leaves + Cucumber)
  • Lemon Green Tea Detox Water (Green Tea + Water + Lemon)
  • Fruity Green Tea Detox Water (Green Tea + Water + Grapes + Cherry + Strawberry)

How to Store Green Tea?

Avoid buying older than four months tea leaves. Always try to buy fresh packs.

Once you open the pack, keep leaves in an air tight jar and keep in a cool place. It will help to retain the flavor and the tea’s phytonutrient content.

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Green Tea has gained an edge over other beverages in terms of health benefits. It is known by the name of herbal superstar now! The health benefits of green tea outweighs its side effects when consumed in moderation.

Hope you liked this article on health benefits of green tea! Have more health benefits of green tea to add to the list? Please share how you consume green tea and what benefits have you got in the comments section below.

Stay Happy and Healthy!



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