Dry Fruits Benefits During Pregnancy – Is It Safe or Not?

Dry fruits are fruits that are dried through a process. It does not have that much content of water as a fresh fruit contains. Moreover it has comparatively high sugar content. But this outweighs the other dry fruits benefits.


A pregnant woman and everybody around her gets conscious about what is safe and what is not during her pregnancy. Her eating habits change with time as a balanced diet is must to fulfill the needs of a pregnant woman. She needs an extra dosage of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients to support the healthy growth of fetus. Dry fruits and nuts could be included in the pregnancy diet. Now the question arises – is it safe or not? Let us take a deeper insight of this.

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An expecting woman can consume dry fruits during pregnancy. Dry fruits and nuts are a powerhouse store of essential nutrients, amino acids, minerals and vitamins such as B1-B9, C, E, K, and H. Dry fruits satiate hunger easily but should be consumed in moderate quantity. A diet should be nutrient rich rather than calorie rich.

Let’s take a look at dry fruits benefits first.

Dry Fruits Benefits

  • Dried Figs (Anjeer), Almonds (Badaam), Dates (Khajur)

All these provide Calcium. Calcium reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia and hypertension during pregnancy. Calcium also helps in the strong bones and teeth development of baby.

  • Pine Nuts (chilgoze)

Pine nuts are a good source of zinc that helps to improve immunity. These are also rich in Vitamin K.

  • Dried Apricots (Khubaani)

Dried apricots are rich in Vitamin A that are important for good bone, eye, and skin health.

  • Cashew Nuts (Kaaju) and Peanuts (Moongfali)

These help in normal heart rhythm. Cashew nuts also help in getting good sleep.

  • Raisins (Kishmish)

Benefits of eating raisins during pregnancy – it curbs sugar cravings during pregnancy. Being rich in fiber, soaked raisins consumption helps as natural laxative and prevents constipation during pregnancy.

  • Fig Fruit (Anjeer)

Health benefits of fig fruit are uncountable. Fresh or dried figs have comparatively high fiber content than any other fruit. It is loaded with iron and calcium. Figs have more potassium than bananas.

  • Black Raisins (Munnacca)

Black raisins benefits outweigh its side effects when consumed in moderation. Always consume soaked black raisins and that too seedless. Due to its laxative property, it aids in controlling acidity and also works as a cough suppressant.

  • Dry Coconut

Dry Coconut benefits include relief from heart burn, morning sickness, and other skin and hair benefits.

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Dry Fruits Benefits during Pregnancy

A handful of dry fruits could be taken during pregnancy. Dry fruits and nuts are rich in magnesium, calcium, zinc, and potassium. Dry fruits in pregnancy could be a perfect snack for pregnant woman to munch on between meals as it satiates hunger and cravings. Here are some dry fruits benefits during pregnancy.

  • Dry fruit during pregnancy helps to get rid of constipation caused due to hormonal changes. A small portion of dry fruits in pregnancy could provide high dietary fiber and works as a laxative.
  • Potassium found in dry fruits and nuts can help to control blood pressure.
  • Vitamin A provided by dry fruits is necessary for the growth and development of fetus.
  • Prunes or dates help in strengthening the muscles of uterus that consequently helps in normal delivery.
  • Dry fruits and nuts also help in lactation later on.
  • Iron contained in dry fruits such as cashew and pine nuts help to maintain hemoglobin.
  • Almonds and pistachios have high protein content which is good for vegetarians.
  • Peanuts and hazelnuts are a good source of folate.
  • Omega 3 required for healthy brain could be taken through walnuts.
  • These are rich in antioxidants.

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Dry Fruits Side Effects during Pregnancy

Dry fruits and nuts if consumed in moderation has no such side effects during pregnancy. However the excess consumption may have side effects such as:

  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Weight gain
  • Allergic reactions
  • High blood sugar level

How much quantity of dry fruits can be consumed?

Since the dry fruits and nuts have high calorie content, it is advisable to consume maximum of 100 grams per day.

You can consume soaked four halves of walnuts, four to five almonds, two dates and four to five pistachios in a day.

How to consume dry fruits during pregnancy?

  • Add chopped dry fruits in milk, shakes, smoothies.
  • As a dessert topping.
  • Add to salads.
  • Make energy bars or laddoos.
  • Add in puddings or porridge.
  • Cashew paste could be added in gravy.
  • Roasted dry fruits with boiled green peas.

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Precautions while consuming dry fruits in pregnancy

  • Check the content of preservatives in packaged dry fruits and nuts.
  • Opt for sun dried fruits and nuts rather than processed ones.
  • Check if dry fruits have more content of added sugar. Avoid those candied dry fruits with extra sugar.
  • Try to limit your calorie intake. A handful of dry fruits is enough.
  • Look out for bugs or dirt while buying and eating.
  • Search for organic dry fruits and nuts.
  • Store in a refrigerator depending upon the season to prevent them from spoiling.
  • Consume roasted dry fruits instead of fried dry fruits.

A pregnant woman gets a lot of advice from friends and relatives. Do not let your mind over flood with those precautions and suggestions. Everybody is different and reacts differently to everything. You should consult your doctor to discuss what is best for you and your baby according to your reports.

Hope you liked this article on dry fruits benefits during pregnancy. Have more dry fruits benefits to add to this? Please tell us in the comment section below how you enjoyed dry fruits in pregnancy.

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Have a safe and healthy pregnancy!


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