Top 5 Solutions of Mosquito Bites

As your child grows up he will inevitably experience some commonplace accidents, such as blisters, cuts, bruises, stings, and mosquito bites. Most of the time these accidents are not serious and can be treated at home with comfort and some simple first aid measures. Here we will discuss solutions of mosquito bites.

Mosquito bites bring itching and irritation. It might cause many dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, etc. We can adopt a few ways of mosquito protection at home and solutions of mosquito bites.

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Here are the simple ways to get rid of mosquitoes – Indoor and Outdoor Protection.

Stinging insects include wasps, hornets, and bees. Biting insects include ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas. Stings and insect bites are not usually serious unless there is an allergic reaction. But stings in the throat or mouth are serious and a cause of concern. It is because the swelling they cause can obstruct the airway.

Symptoms of Mosquito Bites

  • A sting is felt as a sudden, sharp pain and appears as a raised, white area on an inflamed patch of skin.
  • A bite is less painful and normally causes inflammation and mild discomfort.
  • Symptoms of an allergic reaction include swelling of the neck and face, impaired breathing, red blotchy skin, puffy eyes, wheezing, and gasping.

Solutions of Mosquito Bites

1. Scrape Off

If you can see the sting sticking out of your child’s flesh, gently scrape it off the protruding sting with the edge of a card. It could be your debit or credit card or room key card that is easily available in your wallet.

2. Cold Compress

Apply a cold compress over the area and, later, calamine lotion to the mosquito bites or a sting to relieve discomfort. Applying ice reduces inflammation and discomfort. Wrap ice in a cloth first and do not apply ice directly on the skin.

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3. Kitchen Ingredients

You can apply aloe vera gel or honey to the affected area to reduce inflammation. But if you are traveling, just keep After Bite Turmeric Balm for mosquito bump in your bag. It is one of the most effective solutions to mosquito bites.

Turmeric has a long history in the Vedic culture of India and its medicinal use. Our ancestors used to apply turmeric paste on the skin to cure skin problems.

Mother Sparsh strongly believes in the concept of Ayurveda inspired home remedies and healing with the herb. Therefore, they bring perfect solutions of mosquito bites for you and your family – After Bite Turmeric Balm.

  • It provides instant relief from rashes and minor skin irritation caused by insect or mosquito bites and wound healing.
  • It is herbal armor of natural extracts – turmeric, jaitoon, sarso, and pudina (anti-septic and anti-inflammatory).
  • Mother Sparsh Turmeric Balm is suitable for normal to sensitive skin.
  • Use this antiseptic balm 3 to 4 times to the affected area if needed.
  • This after bite balm helps to heal the insect bite and does not repel the insects. Use a repellent spray or fabric roll-on to repel the insects.


4. Insect Repellant Spray

Avoiding mosquito bites is difficult but we can reduce the chances of being bitten by using insect repellant or bug spray. You need to choose the best insect repellant by reading the ingredients carefully and their concentration. It can be evenly applied to the skin. You can try Mother Sparsh Insect Repellant.


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5. Anti-Insect Fabric Roll-on

You can check out Anti-Insect Fabric Roll-on by Mother Sparsh.

  • DEET free spray and all-natural roll-on without any synthetic chemicals.
  • It is formulated with the combination of the best essential oils (lemongrass and neem oil).
  • It is easy to use a handy rolling bottle.
  • 3-way protection shield from fleas, ants, and mosquitoes.
  • Mother Sparsh Fabric Roll-on could be used for 0+ months of baby.

Apply four dots of this Ayurvedic repellent on clothes, prams, or strollers, and no more bites!! Do not apply directly to the skin.


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  • If your child is bitten by fleas, you need to get your family pet treated and your house disinfected.
  • If you are abroad, you can use malaria prophylaxis medicine.
  • You should seek medical treatment in case of tick bites as tick bites are painless but can cause disease and infection.
  • Give your child (over one year old) an ice cube to suck in case of a sting in the mouth and call an ambulance.
  • In the case of jellyfish stings at the beach, pour alcohol or vinegar over the stinging cells stuck to your child’s skin. You need to inactive these cells and prevent them from bursting. Seek medical advice immediately.

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Hope these solutions of mosquito bites are useful. Share your experience with us about Baby Mosquito Range. Enjoy irritation-free and total protection time with their baby care range. Please share solutions for mosquito bites in the comments section below.

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