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MeToo Campaign | How parents should prepare their children to raise voice against sexual assault?

In 2006, a social activist and community organizer named Tarana Burke began using the “#MeToo” phrase as part of a campaign. The campaign was to promote ‘empowerment through empathy’ among women who have experienced sexual abuse, specifically within underprivileged communities. In October 2017, the MeToo campaign went viral on social media. The hashtag was used to demonstrate the sexual assault and harassment specifically at the workplace.

MeToo Campaign _ How parents should prepare their children to raise voice against sexual assault-wonderparenting


It soon became viral in various languages and used by even big and famous celebrities. It means different to different people.

There has been a widespread discussion to bring out the best ways to report the sexual abuse. People should stop what is happening to them at work by taking the effective step of reporting sexual harassment. The major factor that encouraged sexual misconduct in the workplace is the lack of an effective reporting system.

How parents can help?

Parents should prepare their children to raise their voice against sexual assault or sexual harassment. You need to create a comfortable and safe environment to talk about sexual harassment to your children.

  • Listen to your children.
  • Believe what they tell you.
  • Build trust so they can discuss openly.
  • Do not judge your children.
  • Give them time and control to speak.
  • Discuss good touch and bad touch.
  • Tell them you are always there to support, no matter what.
  • Do not blame them for whatever happened.
  • Keep calm and try to tackle the situation wisely.
  • Never let them down.

Teach your daughter about MeToo Campaign

Talk to your daughter about these key points.

  1. It’s not her fault

Whether it is sexual abuse, harassment or unwanted touching it is never her fault. She should not feel the culprit about this behavior. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. It should not make her weak.

  1. Know the difference

She should know the difference between unwanted touch and if someone likes her. If someone truly likes her he will not touch her without her permission. He will treat her with respect and she could trust the person accordingly.

  1. Discuss and trust

Never ignore the situation of harassment or abuse. She should discuss it with her parents or trusted adults. It will not only help her but will also help others who might have been the victim. She must discuss any sort of behavior which she feels according to her is not right.

  1. She is not alone

So many prominent successful girls and women have the same experience. Make sure you support her and let her know that there is a powerful community which will support her too.

  1. Effective reporting

Discuss the ways how could she report the sexual abuse. There should be an effective reporting against sexual harassment be it in school, college, home or workplace.

  1. Raise the voice

She should not lack behind in reporting. She should be strong enough to raise her voice against harassment, be it in public. It is for her safety. Don’t tell her to forget about what happened.

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Parents play a vital role in the lives of their children. Children who have been raised in the environment with a sense of belonging are always happy. If they have grown up with ‘I am loved’, they carry a deep sense of security and well-being. They can knock off any adverse situation in life. They are more confident and happy. So, help them and prepare them to raise voice against anything wrong in life.

Have more tips to add to the list of MeToo campaign teachings for your children? Please share with us the tips that worked for you and your children in the comments section below.

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