10 Natural Skin Care Tips for Moms | Get Flawless Skin

With a change in weather comes a set of challenges, especially for the skin. Wonder moms do not get much time for themselves so here is a mother’s guide of natural skin care tips to get flawless skin!

We often associate summers with a beach holiday or pleasant, warm evenings. All of this seems great until we face the horror in store for us. It is that time of the year when our skin becomes itchy and dry. The humidity and pollution result in patches, breakouts, and pimples that are difficult to tackle and get rid of.


A mother’s life is filled with responsibilities and roles. With the scorching heat, there is no respite for them. Having a constantly busy schedule, mothers usually end up neglecting their own needs. So, it is extremely important for mothers to look after their skin.

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Keeping in mind the daily chores of a mother, Dr. Priyanka from Birla Ayurveda has shared some natural skin care tips to glowing skin this summer.

Here are 10 natural skin care tips for wonder moms:

1.      Have rose, khus-khusChandan and Saunf (fennel seeds) water:

In summers, having water infused with Chandan or fennel seeds helps to get rid of the excess heat produced in the body. Excessive heat in the body gives rise to acne and breakouts in the skin.

fennel seeds

Blood purifiers Chandan and fennel seeds thus, ultimately help in preventing summer boils and sunburns! You can try these beauty tips for face at home.

2.      Keep regular bowel movements:

The frequency of bowel movements plays an important role. The heat and humidity result in unhealthy bowel movements. The bowel helps the body secrete wastes. When toxins are cleared from the body, it reflects on the skin. Incomplete and irregular bowel movements cause acne and pigmentation in the skin.

fruit salad

So, it’s best to stay hydrated and maintain healthy bowel movements by consuming a minimum of eight to ten glasses of water in a day. You can include more raw vegetables in the form of salad and fruits in your diet to keep the bowel movements healthy.

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3.       Avoid over usage of cosmetics:

We end up using too many cosmetics when it becomes difficult to maintain the usual glow in the heat. However, what we do not realize is the fact that these cosmetics tend to block the pores, thus leading to skin ailments.


To maintain clearer skin during summers, one of the best skin care tips is to avoid and minimize the use of skin products and shift to homemade remedies!

4.      Mental health and stability:

When you are already prone to skin problems in the summer season, getting too stressed about anything can lead to greater stress. Not only does it reflect in the behavior of a person, but also in the skin. Immediate effects in the form of pimples and patchy skin are seen on the skin.


Regular meditation, exercise, sound sleep, and relaxation helps to get clear and healthy skin.

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5.      Avoid continuous exposure to an air conditioner:

Although it may seem relaxing to sit in the air-conditioned area, away from the outside heat. Continuously sitting in an air-conditioned room can block the sweat pores. This compels the doshas (toxins) to stay in the body which leads to pimples and boils in the skin.

Healthy Habits

Try to move out for some time in the fresh air, be it for walk or jogging. Switch off the air-conditioners and open windows to get in the fresh air, if possible.

6.      Regular check-ups on diseases:

Some diseases might directly or indirectly affect the skin. Diseases like thyroid, IBS, and PCOD lead to acne in the skin.

consult doctor

Hence, it is important for all mothers to go for regular checkups and address any disease that can have a negative effect on the skin.

7.       Improve your lifestyle:

It may seem soothing to have a cold glass of water immediately after a workout or coming from the Sun. However, such habits create blood impurities, which have a direct effect on the skin.

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Avoid bathing immediately after meals or a workout or sleeping immediately after meals to prevent skin issues and follow these skin care tips. Follow healthy habits and change your lifestyle to get results faster.

8.      Avoid unnecessary medication:

When we encounter rough or dry skin during summers, we often end up using medicines and ointments to prevent them. In this process, the channels are blocked, which develops heat to accumulate in the body. This results in skin allergies and other skin issues.


What we also fail to realize is that these medicines contain a huge amount of chemicals that result in various skin disorders.

9.       Avoid having incompatible food:

Consumption of Virudhahar (incompatible food) leads to many skin diseases. Having hot and cold potency food back to back creates impurities in the blood. For instance, having fish and milk together or having milk and salt together can create imbalances in the body. This then leads to skin ailments.

junk food

Chew the food properly and avoid junk and overcooked food which have low nutrition values.

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10.  Indulge in Panchakarma and Ayurveda:

Along with all these skin care tips, you can also take a set of five treatment therapies offered by Birla Ayurveda. It is designed mainly for cleansing and detoxifying the body. On a hot, summer day, there could be nothing better than going for a relaxing therapy with great skin results!

skin care tips

The skin depicts the general condition of the body. It is very important to take care of the skin according to the season. There is no doubt about the fact that the summer season is a season for fun and enjoyment. Don’t let your skin ruin it for you!

Have more natural skin care tips to add that worked for you? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

Wish you a very Happy Parenting and Self-caring!


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