10 Amazing and Creative Girl Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthday – this word always sounds so exciting and brings many memories of our own childhood. Nowadays, people call it by different names – manufacturing-day, cake-day, born-day, etc.! We used to get so excited for birthdays during our childhood days. Whether it used to be our own birthday or our friends’, siblings’ or any cousins’, birthday – it meant a big treat for us in the form of cake and party. But earlier there was no such concept of creative boy or girl birthday cake ideas.

Birthday cakes used to be simple and of course yummy. We used to have very few options in flavors also – chocolate, black forest or pineapple. Nowadays, there is a full-length list of boy and girl birthday cake ideas.

Be it a choice of flavor or theme cakes – we have a plethora of options available for both boy and girl birthday cake ideas. Along with this ease of availability of birthday cake designs for kids, it is too difficult to put across the dreams and imagination of kids on to a cake. Designer birthday cake ideas for kids make their birthday more unique and memorable.

Before we discuss the amazing birthday cake ideas for girls, let’s take a look at the 10 Point Checklist to Organize a Birthday Party!

Happiness is Cake – you can get a cake from your favorite bakery or try your hands on to bake a cake at home. Both are mind-wobbling but of course, outsourcing the cake baking job is much comfortable when you have to organize a whole theme party.

Types of Cakes to Opt For

  • Fondant Cake – opt for this when you are looking for a complete fancy and theme cake. Fondant is made up of pure sugar and many people don’t like its chewy and sweet taste. But I always remove the fondant while eating my cakeJ Fondant cakes are comparatively expensive than other icing cakes. There are tons of options for fondant cake designs for girls and boys.
  • Buttercream Cake – when you want a simple cake. It is a combination of sugar and butter whipped together that is easily spreadable to cover the cake top. These are budget-savvy cakes and of course delicious to eat. You can get good and creative birthday cake designs for kids even in buttercream cakes.

10 Creative Girl Birthday Cake Ideas

Some of the creative birthday cake design ideas are

1. Unicorn Themed Party Cake

These days unicorn theme is in trend amongst kids. Unicorn theme cake would fit into the best birthday cake for baby girl. It could also be the best cake for the first birthday. Rainbow unicorn cake is one of the best girl birthday cake ideas. It could be done in both fondant and buttercream icing.


2. Barbie Doll Theme Cake

Girls are fascinated by Barbie dolls. They spend a good time playing with Barbie dolls. They do their dress up and groom them too with many varieties available in toy stores. Barbie cakes are mostly done with buttercream icing but you can also get it done in fondant to give it a more elegant look.


3. Fashion Themed Cake

A girl is synonymous with fashion – be it a toddler or a teenager. Girls love to do fashion and shopping so these are the best girl birthday cake ideas. Fashion themed cakes are the best cakes for girls of any age.


4. Floral Theme Cake

Who doesn’t love flowers? Flowers are the best creation of nature. Flower theme cakes are the most beautiful and elegant girl birthday cake ideas. Fondant flowers and icing flowers – both look adorable. You can easily please any girl with flowers created on a cake. You can get an abundance of flower theme birthday cake ideas for girls on Pinterest.


5. Pool Party Theme Cake

During summers pool parties pop up everywhere to chill and relax with friends. Kids love and enjoy pool parties too much. For this theme, pool party theme cakes are apt for girl birthday cake ideas. But this cake could be done in fondant only due to many poolside articles.


6. Scientist Theme Cake

Girls are ambitious and they have a dream to become something whether it is a doctor, artist, chef, pilot, musician or businesswoman. This generation is more aware of their ambition. You can opt for a particular ambition theme cake for your daughter which she likes to become. It will also boost her up and encourage her to work hard for it. My daughter chose scientist as her ambition so I baked a scientist themed cake for her. I hope she was not taking a trial of my creativity!


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7. Cartoon Characters Theme Cake

Toddlers love to watch cartoons and are also influenced by their favorite cartoon characters. Their superheroes make them happy when crafted on cakes.


8. Books Theme Cake

Usually girls like reading and books which take them to another world of their own dreams. Books are one’s best friends and reading habit is one of the best habits for anyone. These girl birthday cake ideas of books would make your book lover happier.


9. Disney Theme Cake

One can live his or her dream to visit Disneyland through these theme parties. Disney theme cakes are the best girl birthday cake ideas for a magical birthday party.




10. Selfie Theme Cake

Selfie is a new and evergreen theme for the upcoming generation. Girls love to get clicked since their childhood. My daughter clicks so many selfies in a day. So what could be better than these girl birthday cake ideas – Instagram, Tik-Tok, selfie camera, etc.




Who doesn’t love to get surprises! Surprise your daughter with a fantastic birthday cake and cherish her special day. I hope you like these girl birthday cake ideas! Have more girl birthday cake ideas to add to the list? Please share your favorite birthday cakes for girls in the comments section below.

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