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10 Parenting Tips to Raise a Child Actor by a Mom

It feels like yesterday when I held Yati in my hands for the first time with the tears of joy and happiness in my eyes. I always wanted a girl child and so my husband. It was the best day of my life and surely an unforgettable moment cherish for life. I never thought I will be known as the mom of a child actor.

When Yati was 2 years old people in my circle started suggesting to me why don’t you try to put her in some advertising or modeling? Because her looks are very cute and she also easily gel with people.

Child Actor Yati Keshri-wonderparenting

I was very confused as to how to go about it and was not sure if Yati will enjoy this or not? But soon I got her portfolio done and from there onwards the journey started.

So here I am jotting down 10 things to know about raising a child actor.

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10 Parenting Tips to raise a child actor

1. Take Family Support 

Family support always plays a very vital and crucial role in one’s life, they are the powerhouse of good thoughts, motivation, backbone, and are always there for you.

I am a working mother and Yati is my first and only child. Like any other mother, I also want to give the best to Yati. So I asked my real married sister who was already residing at someplace with her husband. Would you guys be interested to move in with us? And guess what they said yes! I was so happy and glad to hear this, and we moved to a flat and are staying together.

I always wanted to see Yati grow in the family environment and always want her to learn the culture and values which my sister and I have inherited from our parents. Yati loves to spend her day time with her maasi and they are more of a friend and are partners in crime.

With the support of my sister, I get time for Yati, where we rehearse, practice, learn audition scripts, facing the camera, work on areas of improvement for Yati.

Yati also loves to make Tik-Tok videos, which is a great enjoyment for her and learning of expressions and words.

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2. Patience is the key element

Whether it is the entertainment industry, any other industry, or field “patience is always a virtue”. The ability to wait for your turn without frustration is the key.

There will be times when your child doesn’t get through any auditions, it could be tiring, disheartening and discouraging, and frustrating too. But don’t lose hope as in the process, your child is learning so many things along with you.

They learn to face challenges, failure and it’s our responsibility to make them understand that it is good to be a fail.

I have seen many parents go mad on their kids during the shoot and tries to put pressure on their kids. Never put pressure on your child or never ever compare them with anyone, every kid is special in their own way.

Children always look up to their parents and also consider them as their role models. Life is all about learning and it is an ongoing process, just enjoy the process and patiently wait for your turn.

Child Actor Yati Keshri-wonderparenting

3. Enjoy Traveling Time

You really need to travel a lot for auditions, shoots. Sometimes, the locations might be near to your place and sometimes you really have to travel outside town.

All you need to be mentally prepared for this and enjoy this traveling. I remember Yati and I traveled at 5:30 am in the morning for a shoot, though we were exhausted by the end of the day we both had a lot of fun during the trip.

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4. Choose Child’s clothes wisely

You really need to be selective while choosing clothes for your child actor. I mostly buy the solid dress, tops, solid clothes for Yati as in most of the audition, concept shoots you need to wear a solid color dress.

Pick solid bright or richly deep colors clothes, avoid stripes, polka dots, patterns, and black color. Avoid overdressing, always keep in mind that the clothes enhance your kid’s face and personality, and should not distract the child’s face or body.

5. Health comes first

Always remember to carry home-cooked food during auditions and on shoots. Also, remember to carry a lot of fluid  (water, glucose, coconut water, etc.) while you are out on a shoot.

I normally carry coconut water for Yati and try to feed her as much water I can especially during the summer season. I normally carry home-cooked food, snacks for Yati, as I don’t want her health to get affected.

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Child Artist Yati Keshri-wonderparenting

6. Spend a lot of flexible time with your child

More than anything else try to devote time with your child, it will certainly bring the best in your kid. Your love and affection are all they want and it will not only boost their morale but also bring the best in your child actor.

When your child is emotionally strong they do wonders. I rehearse audition dialogues with Yati, enact the act with her, dance with her, we practice various expressions together, and of late we love to make Tik-Tok videos.

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7. Differentiate between genuine and fake

Make sure whenever you meet new people from the industry make sure you do enough cross-check before enrolling anybody and what will they offer you.

Check what projects they have done in the past, are they genuine or fake? Check on social media platform Facebook, Instagram, etc. and check with parents who have worked with them.  

8. Promote your child on social media

Make Facebook, Instagram page of your kid, and start promoting them on these platforms. Keep on posting various posts, pictures, shoot images, audition videos on these platforms.

Add people to your friend list, casting coordinators, casting directors, production houses, actors, co-actors, directors, various agencies. This will help you in getting regular updates of auditions, and they will also see the profile of your child actor.

Child Actor Yati Keshri-wonderparenting

9. Don’t say yes to everything and anything

Parents sometimes say yes to anything and everything because the kid will not give their best, and might get mood swings.

Parents do face this, and what happens really is that kids then understand the parent’s weakness, and they throw tantrums before the shoot and demand for a particular thing or toy, etc. Instead of saying yes to everything, make the child understand the value of things and divert their mind to something else.

This way you are not only making the child actor understand the importance of things in life but also stopping him/her to become stubborn.

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10. Never criticize their performance

Nothing will discourage your child more than criticizing her/his efforts. Give them feedback, give suggestions in a shuttle way, but please never tell them they are doing bad.

If you will make your kid scared to fail then they will get worried about you getting angry on her/him or disappointed. Hence, they will never try new things.


Anupriya Keshri

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Hope you like these parenting tips to raise a child actor? Please share more parenting tips with us in the comments section below.

Wish you a very Happy Parenting!


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