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Through this article, we intend to present to our readers a list of 25 songs for kids in Hindi which will include Hindi rhymes, patriotic songs for children in Hindi, popular children songs, etc. You can also find the videos of songs for kids with lyrics in Hindi in this article.

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Lullabies have been the best friend of the babies to make them fall asleep. These rhymes and songs have been inculcated in every religion and in different languages. Kids of all ages enjoy them a lot.

We all have babies who enjoy these lullabies a lot and these also act as a remedy to soothe them down when they are in a bad mood. You can choose songs for kids in Hindi for them. Add them to your mobile and play these songs for kids in Hindi whenever you feel like.

Here is a list of songs for kids in Hindi which will perhaps help you keep your child in a happy and sound mood all through the day.

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Songs for Kids in Hindi

Presenting to you a list of songs for kids in Hindi from the Bollywood movies.

  • So Jaa Raajkumaari – Zindagi

  • Dheere Se Aaja – Albela

  • Chandamama – Vachan

  • Lalla Lalla Lori – Mukti

  • Nanhi Kali Sone Chali – Sujata

These songs for kids in Hindi are some of the best and all-time favorite and can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. I even remember my mother singing some of these when I was a kid.

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Songs for Kids with Lyrics in Hindi

What could be better if you get to sing along the songs for your kids instead of playing them on YouTube? Here is a list of songs for kids in Hindi for you to sing for your kids and enjoy with them.

  • Chanda Re Chanda Re – Lajwanti

  • Main Gau Tum So Jao – Bramhachari

  • Aaja Ri Aa Nindiya – Do Bigha Zameen

  • Do Naina Ek Kahani – Masoom

  • Chandaniya – Rowdy Rathore

Songs for kids in Hindi are perhaps the best part of our own childhood, and believe me they can do wonders when it comes to kids as they are the ones who love to indulge in different activities all day long.

Play these songs for kids in Hindi and feel free to record the me-time of your kids and create memories for them that they would love to watch when they grow old.

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Patriotic Songs for Children in Hindi

Patriotic songs are lyrics that show one’s country’s love. It may or may not be an official national anthem. These patriotic songs for children are often performed in schools at any National occasion. Common topics include nation love or topics that glorify self-sacrifice; others concentrate on the beauty, culture, or values of a nation.

If your child is participating in the cultural program in school then you must have a look at the list below depicting patriotic songs for children in Hindi. These songs can be sung or recited like Hindi rhymes too.

Make your child recite them and see him come out like a rock star.

Here is a list of patriotic songs for kids in Hindi-

  • Ai Mere Vatan Ke Logo

  • Ae Watan  

  • Bharat Humko Jaan Se

  • De Di Humme Azadi

  • Aao Bachon Tumhe Dekhaye

The songs for kids in Hindi can also be used to teach the importance of freedom and the struggle our fighters went through to get the independence we enjoy today.

These songs for kids in Hindi will help you make your child familiar with how we attained freedom as Indians.

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Hindi Rhymes

Songs for kids in Hindi put in front of kids in the face of Hindi Rhymes are the easiest of ways. Rhymes are a crucial part of children’s early education. Here are some Hindi rhymes which you can use for your children-

  • Nani Ma Ne Tota Pala

  • Machchli Rani

  • Chanda Mama, Chanda Mama

  • Aaloo Kachaloo Beta Kahan Gaye the?

  • Chanda mama door Ke

  • Billi Mausi

Help your kids to be more familiar with their own mother tongue with the help of these Hindi Rhymes.

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Popular Children Songs

Are you planning your kid’s birthday party or a get together with all your child’s friends? Here are some pop songs which give pleasant alternatives for children as well!

Some favorite pop pieces on the radio may seem harmless and catchy, but once you begin to sing along and realize what the lyrics are insinuating, you will rapidly realize that they may not be so appropriate for the ears of children.

Here is a list of some songs for kids in Hindi that you would like to play in your kid’s party.

  • Chance pe dance

  • Chanda Mama Se Bhi Pyaare

  • Bum bum bole

  • Itti si Hasi, Itti Si Khushi

Now, you have a list of songs for kids in Hindi to keep your child in an upbeat mood and happy all day long.

Have more songs for kids in Hindi to add to the list? Please share your favorite songs for kids in Hindi with us in the comments section below.

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