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The Hepatitis is an infectious disease that is caused by a micro-organism – a bacterium or a virus. It is commonly spread via the air or by direct contact. The disease may also be spread via water, food, or insects, particularly in poor conditions.

It can happen to anyone and at any time but infants and children are especially at risk. Keeping children of all ages safe and healthy is one of the most important tasks of parents. Whether children are in home-based care or any center, caretakers are responsible for ensuring safety in both the cases -inside and outside of their care areas.

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What is hepatitis?

It is an inflammation of the liver caused by a viral infection. Inflammation means when any part of the body becomes red swollen, hot, and often painful. In simple terms, when your liver becomes swollen and red then it can be hepatitis virus.

They are mainly of two types-TYPE A and TYPE B. The disease of HEPATITIS is caused due to a virus. But sometimes it also happens because of a bacterium and the side effects of medicines. When it happens due to the virus then it is chronic. In this case, one has to be very careful.

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There are many viral causes but infection with hepatitis A virus is the most common in children. It is infectious jaundice which happens due to hepatitis A virus. This type of disease occurs because of contaminated food. In this, the liver gets infected by a bacterium and leads to swelling. It is not that acute because it can be treated. But it’s a contentious disease.

In India, every year many people including pregnant women and children die. The main cause is dirty water and food behind this. This disease can be treated in four to five weeks but it is dangerous for pregnant women.

Possible Symptoms of hepatitis

  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Jaundice
  • Dark brown urine
  • Pale Stools
  • Belly pain

Possible Causes

  • Eating food cooked or served by an infected person who did not wash his hands after using the washroom.
  • Drinking untreated water.
  • It’s a transferable disease.


Few children might also suffer from post-hepatitis symptoms up to six months. It might include lethargy and moodiness.


The child should be isolated and take rest in bed for at least two weeks. Since hepatitis is highly contagious you need to follow strict hygiene. Give plenty of fluids and healthy food to the child. You may also add a spoonful of glucose to the drinks. Family members of the infected child may need to get vaccinations.


It can be prevented through vaccination. All children should be vaccinated prescribed by the doctor in between 1 to 2 years of age.

World Hepatitis Day

On the World Hepatitis Day which is observed on 28th July every year, I would like to raise awareness of the global burden of viral hepatitis. My aim is to give wonder moms little information about it which could help our wonder-moms to fight against it. As we all know that it is a serious health disorder of an important body organ – LIVER and without a healthy liver, we cannot live a healthy lifestyle. Let’s eradicate the problem together to make our world, a disease-free world.

world hepatitis day

This article is small but the message is great for everyone to be aware of hepatitis. I am lucky that I got a chance to write about this issue. Please spread this as much as you can and focus on a healthy lifestyle for you and your growing kids. We should spread the awareness in any form about IMMUNIZATION, PREVENTION, DIAGNOSIS, and CONTROL.

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