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Signs of Pregnancy | 11 Signs and Symptoms we find in mommy-to-be

We love our parents and kids. The joy of being a parent also brings certain responsibilities which are understood only when we ourselves become a parent. This also makes us understand our parents more deeply. As the pregnancy advances the happiness of being a mother it also brings some symptoms which can be discomforting. But then, they are always eased by the thought of a baby in the arms hugging. Know 11 Signs of Pregnancy.

Signs of Pregnancy 11 Signs and Symptoms we find in mommy-to-be-wonderparenting

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Every woman in her life wants to cherish the emotion of being a mother. It is the most precious moment when she finds that she is going to be a mother. The duration of pregnancy is calculated as 10 lunar months or 9 calendar months and 7 days or 280 days or 40 weeks. The duration is divided into three trimesters, and there are different changes depending on the stage of pregnancy. So here are these 11 signs of pregnancy -associated with the early pregnancy which are usually present and may continue in the later stages also. And these signs of pregnancy do not require treatment usually.

11 Signs of Pregnancy we find in mommy-to-be

1) Missed periods

First change which is noticed as one of the signs of pregnancy is missed periods. Changes will start appearing with each passing week. The missed period is often considered when the menstrual cycle is regular i.e., next period comes in a nearly fixed interval of time. Considering no medical problem is there which affect the menstrual cycle. Health issues like PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease) fibroids, genital tuberculosis, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, other hormonal imbalances affect the menstrual cycle. In that case, you have to rely on other signs of pregnancy or rather confirm it by medical test to ensure that you are pregnant.

2) Urine pregnancy test

After experiencing missed periods, the first thought comes in to check if you are pregnant. And you try that pregnancy test kit, which can detect the pregnancy hormone in urine. Today it is easy with the awareness of pregnancy kits, which are readily available in the market at a nominal price. But it is suggestive, not conclusive. As it depends at which time you are performing the test, the hormone varies. It can give false positive or falsely negative or vice versa. So whenever in doubt consult your gynecologist.

3) Morning sickness

Nausea with or without vomiting, especially in the morning, is one of the signs of pregnancy. It is more common in the first pregnancy. Morning sickness subsides after the first three months but in some, it may continue in later months. Thus medical help is sometimes required in that case. Vomiting usually is watery and often helped with moving the limbs a few minutes before getting out of bed. Taking a dry toast or biscuit before rising from bed and avoidance of fatty spicy food is enough to relieve the symptoms.

4) The frequency of micturition

It is quite a troublesome symptom. It appears in the 8th-12th week of pregnancy. As the uterus becomes bulky and pressure is referred to the bladder so the frequency of urination appears. It disappears after 12th week as the uterus straightens up and relieves the pressure.

5) Breast discomfort

In the form of the feeling of fullness and pricking sensation in the breast is also one of the signs of pregnancy. It is more marked in women in their first pregnancy.

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6) Fatigue

It is an early symptom which occurs early in pregnancy. Feeling of tiredness and taking rest frequently could be the signs of pregnancy. As the blood circulation is expanding so does the need of the body, so without avoiding, take care of yourselves.

signs of pregnancy-wonderparenting

7) Pigmentation of the breast

It is more marked in women in their first pregnancy. The breasts are enlarged and engorged. Sometimes vessels are also visible under the skin. The nipple and areola become pigmented and yellowish secretion (colostrum) can also be expressed from the breast. It is seen in as early as in the 12th week of pregnancy.

8) Mood swings

With the surge of pregnancy hormones, the mood is also affected. So, these signs of pregnancy are not abnormal if you notice yourself being more crying or more irritable on least things. It is normal for mommy to be a little angry. Here is the role of the family to play by supporting the mother to be and understanding the needs of pregnant women and helping them to enjoy this new phase of life.

9) Food aversion or cravings

Pregnancy-related hormones bring about a lot of changes in the body and help them adapt to it. Along with the physical changes, mood changes and the changes in the likes and dislikes also. In signs of pregnancy, there is a change in food liking and disliking, which can be completely opposite to the previous choices. Therefore, sometimes there can be a sudden craving for specific food items.

10) Bloating

An eating pattern is completely changed in pregnancy especially in early pregnancy when you do not want to eat anything. It gives a sense of bloating, heartburn, fullness. These signs of pregnancy should be taken care of, as nourishment should not be affected in this. Avoiding fatty food and less spicy food can help. Also, not skipping meals, and taking meals in small quantity at frequent intervals will be helpful.

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11) Weight gain

It sounds scary! Isn’t it? But it is not. And, it is true there is a weight gain of 10-12kgs in these 9 months but it includes the weight of the baby, placenta, the amniotic fluid and the fluid accumulation in the body. So, weight gain is less in the first trimester than second and third trimesters.

Eat healthily, stay healthy. Keep yourself active and happy.

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Author | Dr. Tanya Aggarwal | Homeopathic Consultant

Dr Tanya

Wish you a very Happy Pregnancy!


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