Post Pregnancy Belt | Top 10 Best Post Pregnancy Belts in India for 2020

Pregnancy is the best feeling in the world that cannot be described in words. The moment you see those two pink lines, it gives a jittery sense of flying butterflies in your stomach. Also, endless dreams that a mother sees for her child who is growing inside her womb. But, along with these dreams walks the fear of losing your self-confidence, which can be a result of a post-pregnancy physique. This consequence is a matter of concern with the post-pregnancy belt as a solution to this problem.

Pregnancy is a blessing, but there are a lot of other things that come as a challenge to the mothers who give birth to their babies using the C-section delivery. The primary issue is a large tummy that is without any proper shape and has to be controlled. 

To overcome this issue, there is a lot of post-pregnancy belt that is available in the market that you can purchase and use right after your surgery to bring your body back in its perfect shape.

Let’s take a dig on some of the best-selling post-pregnancy belts and be ready to use them after the surgery:

Shop them and reduce tummy after delivery with a post-pregnancy belt and get a fit body right away

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Post Pregnancy Belt 1: Mee Mee Pre and Post Natal Maternity Corset Belt

Motherhood is a special feeling, and it starts the moment you see those two pink lines of the kit and begin seeing dreams for your baby. This post-pregnancy belt will help you recover emotionally as well as physically. The post-pregnancy belt of Mee Mee vows to do just that. This skin-friendly abdominal suppression belt is an ideal option for relief from these niggling aches and pressure in delicate regions during childbirth and through the postpartum period.

The best part of the belt is that it can be used 24 hours and will give you the best relief for all the discomforts that you will face from backaches to feeding and from toilet issues to doing simple household chores.

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Post Pregnancy Belt 2: Cling Breath Post Maternity Belt

The growing uterus extends the abdominal muscles during pregnancy. It also pushes away from their regular positions the other organs. The uterus requires about six weeks after pregnancy to return to its initial size of pre-pregnancy.

After birth, the abdominal wall also becomes loose. A Post Maternity Corset offers extra assistance and compression and helps accelerate the process of recovering the pre-delivery shape of the mother.

Post-pregnancy belt after cesarean is recommended to use for a Post Maternity Corset after a C-section and is compulsory for all. In this case, the incision is supported and compressed by the Corset. This improves blood flow to the region and leads to healing quicker. 

This post-pregnancy belt is made up of 100% cotton and will offer you maximum comfort and will also protect you from sweat and itching that is caused by the use of nylon belts that are available at cheaper rates.

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Post Pregnancy Belt 3: Shakuntla Back and Abdomen Support

This easy to use belt made from 100% cotton is readily available in the market and is also very affordable. The product is also prescribed by the doctors and can be used without any problems.

There are a lot of issues that a new mother faces after giving birth to the baby. To help you in getting back into shape without any hurdles this post-pregnancy belt after c-section is going to be your best companion.

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A must buy post delivery belt that one must have:

Post Pregnancy Belt 4: Remedo Lumber Sacro Support Belt

Remedo Lumber Sacro Support post-pregnancy belt is made from monofilament elastic to facilitate water circulation. It is designed to provide stiff and convenient neck aid. The product is made from unique fiber shaped fabric double elastic belt for substantial assistance.

Remedo Lumber Support is scientifically intended to aid and immobilize the sacral, lumbar region and to right posture deformity to relieve low back pain disease that is faced mainly by the mothers who give birth using the C-section.

The post-delivery belt is easy to use and can be used 24 hours also while sleeping and it won’t cause any rashes or bruises on your skin.

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Some of the best postpartum belts:

Post Pregnancy Belt 5: Janak Lumbocare

This post-pregnancy belt is an anatomically contoured shoulder aid produced following the Lumbar spine’s science research. It is stiff, malleable aluminum remains to provide assistance, and the metal fit adds power and lightens the weight.

The sophisticated elastic buffing on both sides helps to maintain body heat. The dual draw system guarantees robust fastening for safe packing and avoids strap slippage due to its excellent immobilization. The Nylon Velcro dye slice hook & knot provides a convenient and straightforward match in this post-pregnancy belt.

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Pregnancy is the best part of our life, but the problems start when you give birth and comes back home with your baby to your daily routine. In a country like India, there are a lot of things that are expected from a new mother and guests also do not spare from meeting and disturbing her sleep. To keep your body relaxed and free from stress, this post-pregnancy belt is a must-have.

Post Pregnancy Belt 6: Jsb Bs55 Premium Lumbar Support Belt

The body of a new mother is susceptible and requires care and support, both emotionally and physically. The pains that you experience after birth cannot be compared in words.

To heal your body faster this best is going to be your savior. It can be purchased easily from the market at an affordable price and can be used frequently without any hassle in your daily routine.

This post-pregnancy belt offers perfect compression and elasticity. JSB LS Belt Ideal for back pain, back spasms, sciatic pain, pre-or post-operative conditions or dislocated disc support.

This back-support Belt can be carried by women to aid the Spine from both ends with Malleable Metal Splints. This Lumbo Sacral Belt comes with double elastic double locks to ensure that the Lumbar area is properly compressed

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Shop for the best post-pregnancy belt for a better recovery.

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Post Pregnancy Belt 7: Tynor Flexible Lumbo Sacral Belt

In a country like India, where we still live in joint families, there are a lot of hurdles that a new mother has to overcome and then has to take care of the baby. In this hustle and bustle, we usually forget that our body also needs attention and love as it has gone through a lot of discomforts after the C-section delivery.

This is the best post-pregnancy belt that offers you all the love and support that you need in healing up from the pains and weakness quickly.

Tynor Lumbo Sacral post-pregnancy belt is beneficial in deep belly pain and offers comfortable immobilization can be used in lumbar spondylitis, intervertebral disc syndrome, high backache, postural fatigue, postural deformities, mechanical stress owing to poor posture and lumbar spine osteoporotic discomfort.

It is designed with versatile rear splits to provide convenient rear assistance as well as transport during lengthy operating hours. Highly porous elastic webbing enhances ventilation and convenience.

The flexible process of double squeeze offers additional compression and improves splinting behavior and makes it a must-have postpartum belt. 

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Post-Pregnancy Belt 8: Arkmiido Abdominal Belt for Back and Abdomen Support

Pregnancy, as the word suggests, is a fight with your body and offers a cute little munchkin in the reward to the winner. After fighting all sorts of pain and discomfort you give birth to your baby, and after that, it has to be your priority to bring you back to shape, and for this, you can opt for pregnancy belts that are readily available on online stores and markets.

This post-pregnancy belt is made up of skin-friendly polyester and will give you perfect support so that you get back into shape without disturbing your stitches and wounds. 

This abdominal support post-pregnancy belt is a compression brace that supports the abdomen and compresses the abdominal muscles, used as post-operative assistance, by post-pregnancy women and for the decrease of the neck row, pleasant aesthetics, versatile size, slim single-panel elastic design.

An Affordable post-pregnancy belt is the need of every new mother.

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Post-Pregnancy Belt 9: Cloud Hut Unisex Neoprene Back Support Posture Corrector Brace for Shoulder, Neck, Pain Relief 

Not only your waist but your entire body needs support from pain and discomfort, and for this purpose, you can shop for the post-pregnancy belt, which will provide a perfect grip to your entire body.

The posture of the neck knee brace is one length, for females, completely flexible to suit any bodily picture between 28 “and 48.” This pregnancy belt facilitates the adjustment of the incorrect posture and makes it simpler to wear the lower neck aid strap and use it to its complete ability.

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Post Pregnancy Belt 10: EasyBuy India High-Quality New Maternity Pregnant Belly Postpartum Corset Belt Maternity Pregnancy Support Brace Band Natal Care Girdle 

This abdominal belt is a post-pregnancy belt that will help you recover your body from the excess weight on your lower body as well as on your stomach. Just clip it over, and you can easily do your household works without any interruption, and also it will help you recover on a faster pace because of the high-quality grip.

The belt can be used for 24 hours and will also not cause any rashes or bruises on your skin. It also comes with a manual that guides you on how to reduce belly after delivery. 

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Shop for these maternity belts and enjoy recovering from the scars and bruises you got after your c-section delivery. These pregnancy belts are not at all harmful and will help you sail through your recovery process at a much faster pace and will be your best companion if you want to reduce tummy after delivery with a belt.

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Have more to add to the list of the post-pregnancy belt? Please share your personal experience with the post-pregnancy belt with us in the comments section below.

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